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AMS Visits and Exchanges with Pingyin Water Development Co., Ltd

On the morning of January 9th, Li Picheng, Executive Vice General Manager of Shandong Aomei Environment Co., Ltd., and Yao Fujiang, Technical Director and General Manager of Shandong Shuifayou Membrane Technology Co., Ltd. of Shandong Aomei Environment Co., Ltd., visited and exchanged ideas at Pingy...



Shandong AMS Environmental Co., Ltd. Holds a Special Sales Work Conference

On January 3, 2024, Shandong Aomei Environment Co., Ltd. held a sales work special meeting. We have deployed the sales work of Aomei Environment and Shuifa You Film companies.At the meeting, the sales targets for 2024 were determined and decomposed, and a roadmap for implementing the targets was dev...



Shandong Shuifa Umemtech Co., Ltd. Holds 2023 Work Summary Meeting

On December 21, 2023, Shandong Shuifayou Film Technology Co., Ltd. held a work summary meeting for the year 2023. The meeting was chaired by Chairman Dou Dahe, and attended by Ma Zhuoyuan, General Manager of Shandong Aomei Environment Co., Ltd., and Li Picheng, Executive Vice General Manager.The mee...



Meeting friends with "cards" brings endless joy - AMS won the runner up of Shandong Province Bridge Team Competition

On December 17th, the 2023 Shandong Bridge Team Competition, hosted by the Shandong Bridge Sports Association, came to an end at the Qingdao Garden Hotel. Xia Geng, former deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Shandong Provincial People's Congress, attended the award ceremony and pres...



Driven by research and development, cultivating new growth poles - AMS has obtained another patent for the invention of hydraulic cavitation technology

The invention patent of a cavitation sewage treatment device applied by Shandong Ogilvy Environment Co., Ltd. has passed the examination of the China National Intellectual Property Administration, and the authorization announcement was issued on November 21. This patent is the company's third in...



Jiangsu Financial Leasing Visits AMS

On November 9th, Gu Zeping, the Marketing Director of the Cleaning Business Unit of Jiangsu Financial Leasing Co., Ltd., and his delegation visited Aomei Environment. We have conducted in-depth exchanges around the business of Aomei Environment and reached a consensus on deepening cooperation betwee...



Prevention First, Life First - AMS Holds the 2023 Fire Awareness Month Mobilization Meeting and Fire Safety Education and Training Activity

On November 9th, Shandong Aomei Environment Co., Ltd. held a mobilization meeting and fire safety education activity for the 2023 Fire Awareness Month. The mobilization meeting was chaired by the company's chairman, Shang Rui, and attended by the company's general manager, Ma Zhuoyuan, execu...



150 Great Battle Returns Victory

Recently, the contract for the three washing water reuse project of Inner Mongolia Guocheng Resource Comprehensive Utilization Co., Ltd. undertaken by Aomei Environment has been signed. The project adopts an innovative full membrane process and overcomes the key technology of membrane treatment for...



The Engineering Construction Department of Shuifa Group conducted on-site research on the Inner Mongolia Mine Water Project of AMS

From October 30th to October 31st, Feng Xinquan, Deputy General Manager of the Engineering Construction Department of Shuifa Group, and his delegation conducted research on the construction of the Aomei Environment Shanghai Miao Town mine water project in Inner Mongolia. At the project site, Feng Xinquan gained a detailed understanding of the overall process and work progress of the project throug···...