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The Engineering Construction Department of Shuifa Group conducted on-site research on the Inner Mongolia Mine Water Project of AMS

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From October 30th to October 31st, Feng Xinquan, Deputy General Manager of the Engineering Construction Department of Shuifa Group, and his delegation conducted research on the construction of the AMS Shanghaimiao Town mine water project in Inner Mongolia. At the project site, Feng Xinquan gained a detailed understanding of the overall process and work progress of the project through a report. He conducted on-site inspections of key workshops such as membrane production, pretreatment, ultrafiltration, and evaporation crystallization, and carefully inspected various aspects of construction production and archive management. At the same time, he put forward higher requirements for the compliance of related work in the construction project.According to reports, this  project began trial operation on August 24th this year and has gradually passed full load operation and performance testing. The completion acceptance was completed on October 31st.


Feng Xinquan gave full recognition to the construction of the project and put forward several suggestions and precautions for the later operation of the project, pointing out the direction for the next step of the project's work.The person in charge of Aomei Environment accompanied the tour.

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