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150 Great Battle Returns Victory

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Recently, the contract for the three washing water reuse project of Inner Mongolia Guocheng Resource Comprehensive Utilization Co., Ltd. undertaken by AMS has been signed. The project adopts an innovative full membrane process and overcomes the key technology of membrane treatment for titanium dioxide wastewater. Compared with the original treatment technology, the biggest feature of this technology is the dual recovery of titanium dioxide powder and wastewater, achieving the goal of carbon reduction and resource reuse.Since the implementation of the "150 Battle", AMS has deeply implemented various measures of the "150 Battle", vigorously grasped the "market" as the bull's nose, and focused on exploring the market with the spirit of not waiting for the time. The implementation of this project is another typical case of AMS deep cultivation in the field of titanium dioxide wastewater treatment, which will lead the innovation and progress of titanium dioxide wastewater treatment technology, and become a demonstration project for reducing water consumption, wastewater treatment costs, and secondary pollution in the titanium dioxide industry. To contribute to the development of the high difficulty wastewater treatment field of Shuifa Group and Shuifa High tech Group.