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Prevention First, Life First - AMS Holds the 2023 Fire Awareness Month Mobilization Meeting and Fire Safety Education and Training Activity

发布时间:2023-11-09 浏览量:67 来源:79906am美高梅环境

On November 9th, Shandong AMS Environmental Co., Ltd. held a mobilization meeting and fire safety education activity for the 2023 Fire Awareness Month. The mobilization meeting was chaired by the company's chairman, Shang Rui, and attended by the company's general manager, Ma Zhuoyuan, executive deputy general manager, Li Picheng, and deputy general manager in charge of safety, Dou Dahe. Department heads also attended the meeting.


Chairman Shang Rui announced that the 2023 Fire Awareness Month of AMS has officially started. This year is the 32nd Fire Awareness Month, and the company will deeply implement the deployment requirements of Water Development Group and Water Development High Technology for the Fire Awareness Month. The company will actively carry out various fire activities, take this month as an opportunity to further improve the company's fire safety management level and provide support for the company's battle against "150". He emphasized that the current stage is a crucial stage for the transformation, upgrading, and high-quality development of the group company. The company should tighten its "safety string" and solidly carry out the company's safety production work. The safety department should work together with various departments to carry out a serious fire hazard investigation and treatment activity, ensuring that general hazards do not stay overnight, major hazards have plans, and make every effort to eliminate various accident hazards, provide safety guarantees for the company's business development, and contribute to the new journey of New Water Development.The origin of Fire Awareness Month: Every November, various regions across the country are experiencing a period of dry weather and frequent fires. Therefore, strengthening fire prevention work in autumn and winter in November is of great significance for ensuring the safety of people's lives and property. Since 2017, the fire department has expanded "119 Fire Day" to a one month "119" Fire Awareness Month.