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Jiangsu Financial Leasing Visits AMS

发布时间:2023-11-09 浏览量:76 来源:79906am美高梅环境

On November 9th, Gu Zeping, the Marketing Director of the Cleaning Business Unit of Jiangsu Financial Leasing Co., Ltd., and his delegation visited AMS company. We have conducted in-depth exchanges around the business of AMS  and reached a consensus on deepening cooperation between banks and enterprises and strengthening financing support.


At the symposium, the two sides had in-depth discussions on the construction period, profit prospects, financing needs, and other aspects of the Inner Mongolia Guocheng 375m3/hour three wash water reuse and crystal seed preparation dilute alkali solution reuse project. In addition to financial leasing for bot projects, both parties have further discussed cooperation intentions in supply chain finance for large-scale EPC projects.This is the second cooperation between the two parties in the gold leasing business of the Guocheng Bot project. In the early stage, we have successfully cooperated once on the Inner Mongolia New Mine Bot project. Taking the two collaborations in the bot project as an opportunity, both sides look forward to further deepening exchanges and mutual benefit, especially increasing financing and credit support in the expansion of large-scale projects in the AMS .Shang Rui, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of AMS , Ma Zhuoyuan, General Manager, Li Picheng, Executive Vice General Manager, Dou Dahe, Deputy General Manager, and relevant officials from the Finance Department attended the symposium.