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Driven by research and development, cultivating new growth poles - AMS has obtained another patent for the invention of hydraulic cavitation technology

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The invention patent of a cavitation sewage treatment device applied by Shandong AMS Environmental Co., Ltd. has passed the examination of the China National Intellectual Property Administration, and the authorization announcement was issued on November 21. This patent is the company's third invention patent in the field of hydraulic cavitation technology, which puts AMS in a leading position in the field of hydraulic cavitation technology.Hydraulic cavitation technology can be applied in the fields of sewage oxidation treatment and sludge reduction treatment. Hydraulic cavitation wall breaking sludge reduction treatment technology is based on the basic principles of hydraulic cavitation, mechanical shear, energy impact, and rapid changes in pressure and vacuum. The sludge is formed into a cavity in the cavitation chamber and continuously expands. As the pressure at the nozzle outlet suddenly increases, the cavity can no longer withstand the surrounding pressure, and the cavity collapses violently. During this process, extremely high temperatures (5000K) and strong pressure waves (1800atm) are generated around the cavity. These extreme physical conditions are sufficient to break the cell wall of microorganisms. After hydraulic cavitation and wall breaking, the water content of sludge is greatly reduced; The biodegradability of sludge treated by cavitation will be greatly improved, and it can be returned to the biochemical system for further biochemical treatment. This can greatly reduce the production of residual sludge and save the addition of carbon sources.Aomei Environment will increase the vertical in-depth research and horizontal expansion combination of its patented technology, accelerate the transformation of technological achievements, open up the market for sludge reduction treatment, and cultivate new growth poles for the company's development.