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Meeting friends with "cards" brings endless joy - AMS won the runner up of Shandong Province Bridge Team Competition

Time:2023-12-19 View:58 Source: AMS

On December 17th, the 2023 Shandong Bridge Team Competition, hosted by the Shandong Bridge Sports Association, came to an end at the Qingdao Garden Hotel. Xia Geng, former deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Shandong Provincial People's Congress, attended the award ceremony and presented the award to the winning team.


It is reported that this competition is the most influential bridge game in Shandong Province, known as the "Provincial Competition". There are a total of 12 A-level teams and 15 B-level teams participating in the competition in the province. Shandong AMS Environmental Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "AMS"), as a traditional bridge strong team in Shandong Province, participated in the A-level league in this competition.On the field, the team members of AMS are focused and fully display their superb card skills, engaging in intellectual battles with opponents; The competition process is even more tense and thrilling, full of dangers.In the preliminary round, Aomei Environment narrowly finished fourth and qualified for the knockout stage. In the semi-finals, they defeated the first place team in the preliminary round, Zhaosheng Dongrun, and advanced to the finals again after 2017.On the final stage, both sides are evenly matched in strength, each with their own strengths and weaknesses; Both team members come and go, without giving way to each other. Each contestant participated in this competition with the intention of scoring an extra point for the team, and the tense atmosphere of the competition reached its climax. In the end, the AMS team lost  to their opponents by a narrow margin and won the runner up.The game comes to an end, and the spirit will last forever. In the future, AMS will integrate the spirit of bridge into the company's business development, creating an AMS team that can fight tough battles, knows how to fight tough battles, and dares to fight tough battles.Bridge is a global team intelligence sport that tests comprehensive abilities. The wisdom contained in bridge can help enterprises improve their team collaboration, risk control, and communication and coordination abilities, and is conducive to building a united and intelligent team.