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Shandong Shuifa Umemtech Co., Ltd. Holds 2023 Work Summary Meeting

发布时间:2023-12-22 浏览量:62 来源:79906am美高梅环境

On December 21, 2023, Shandong Shuifa Umemtech Co., Ltd. held a work summary meeting for the year 2023. The meeting was chaired by Chairman Dou Dahe, and attended by Ma Zhuoyuan, General Manager of Shandong AMS Environmental Co., Ltd., and Li Picheng, Executive Vice General Manager.The meeting summarized the progress of various businesses in 2023 and deployed the operating budget and key tasks for 2024. General Manager Yao Fujiang and department heads each gave detailed reports.The attendees had in-depth discussions on the company's development direction, business expansion, technological innovation, and other aspects. The relevant leaders of AMS provided valuable suggestions and opinions for the company's development. Ma Zhuoyuan, General Manager of AMS, has put forward requirements for improving production efficiency and strict cost control. He hopes that all cadres and employees of the company can work together to successfully achieve the 2024 operating budget goals and various indicators; Vice General Manager Li Picheng provided guidance on the execution of the 2024 budget for Shuifa Umemtech. Shuifa Umemtehc will continue to adhere to the professional, standardized, and rigorous work attitude, continuously improve its technical level and innovation ability, strictly control product quality, continuously enhance its competitiveness, and achieve rapid development, guided by the 2024 business goals determined at this meeting and the development plan for the next three years.