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Business scope
Business Scope

·Pure water treatment:

(Jordan Thermal Power Plant, Hussein, Hengli Thermal Power, Nanjiao Thermal Power, Heze Luhua, etc.)

Shandong AMS Environmental Co., Ltd. has rich experience in industrial pure water, including boiler feedwater, production process water, and other fields. From the feedwater system of supercritical boilers in large thermal power plants to pure water for chemical processes, it meets the process water requirements of different users.

·Desalination of seawater:

(Malazawa, Indonesia, BAUBAU, Saudi Arabia Container, Kyaukpyu, Myanmar Desalination)

With the increasing shortage of water resources, more and more people around the world are shifting the utilization of water resources to seawater treatment. Shandong AMS Company combines membrane technology and continuously explores pre-treatment processes for seawater desalination in different sea areas and water quality, gradually forming a set of targeted membrane desalination process combinations. Compared with thermal treatment technology, membrane seawater desalination technology has been widely used in the field of seawater desalination worldwide due to its advantages of low engineering cost, low operating cost, short construction period, and easy implementation. It has become a rapidly growing seawater desalination technology.

·Membrane wastewater and reclaimed water reuse:

(Mine water from Inner Mongolia Xinkuang, Weijiao, Xuejiao)

Shandong AMS Environmental Co., Ltd. has developed a comprehensive solution for wastewater and reclaimed water reuse with membrane separation as the core, in response to the increasingly scarce water resource situation and the national requirements for circular economy, energy conservation and emission reduction, and sustainable development. Suitable for various types of domestic wastewater, mine wastewater, steel smelting wastewater, printing and dyeing wastewater, chemical wastewater, etc.

·Deep reuse treatment of coking wastewater:

(Qinggang, Yongxin, Tianan, etc.)

The reuse and treatment technology of coking wastewater is a highly challenging issue in the water treatment industry. The commonly used catalytic oxidation plus NFRO process has fatal defects such as high operating costs, short membrane service life, and low water reuse rate. Our company has introduced the SMART process in coking wastewater treatment, successfully improving the shortcomings of traditional treatment processes, achieving true reuse of coking wastewater deep treatment, greatly reducing wastewater generation, and providing a foundation for absolute zero discharge. This process has dual benefits of social environmental protection and user economy. The SMART process is an excellent deep treatment process after the implementation of the new national coking industry admission standards. Our company will continue to explore and deepen cooperation with various coking enterprises, provide high-quality services to coking users, and make corresponding efforts to reduce environmental pollution in the coking industry.

·MBR technology:

(Jilin Huadian, Donglin~)

Shandong AMS Environmental Co., Ltd. adopts international PVDF material MBR membrane modules, which have been successfully applied in the treatment of domestic and chemical wastewater. MBR produced water can be directly treated with reverse osmosis for further desalination. Shandong AMS MBR technology has the characteristics of small footprint, high sludge concentration, good effluent quality, modular design, and high degree of automation.

·Deep treatment of mine water:

(Single County Fengyuan Industrial Co., Ltd. Mine Water Treatment Renovation Project, Inner Mongolia New Mine)

In addition to containing suspended solids mainly composed of coal shavings, the water in many coal mines also has high levels of soluble total solids, total hardness, sulfates, chlorides, fluorides, etc., and must be deeply treated before it can be used as domestic and production water for coal mines. The ion content varies in different mines, and corresponding treatment techniques and process parameters must be adopted through simulation experiments based on the water quality characteristics of a specific coal mine mine water. The deep treatment technology of mine water developed by Shandong Aomei mainly includes pre-treatment technology, reverse osmosis treatment technology, and automation monitoring technology. After deep treatment, mine water can be used as drinking water for coal mine life, canteen water, boiler water, and other industrial water.

·Core equipment:

Filtering, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, electro desalination (EDI), membrane degassing, TOC control, bacterial control, clean pipelines, metal membranes, oil removal, gas separation membranes, automatic control. SMAT, MBR.