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Talents are the primary resource for the scientific development of enterprises. The construction of the talent team is guided by the principles of "moderate scale, reasonable structure, application oriented, key emphasis, and innovative mechanisms". It establishes the talent development concept of "sincerity, respect, progress, and win-win", firmly implements the strategy of strengthening enterprises with talents, puts people first, and takes "enterprise and employees develop together" as the starting point. It continuously improves and innovates the system and mechanism of prioritizing talent development, Optimize the environment for talent growth, improve the talent evaluation system, and strengthen the guarantee system of talent management system.

personnel training

The company has implemented an overall talent resource development strategy and formulated a series of talent development policies and measures, striving to provide employees with a platform for learning, training, and improvement. Through job exchanges, mentorship, competitions, talent selection for further education in universities, and career navigation, the quality of the workforce has been continuously improved.

Talent utilization

Adhere to the principle of "those who are capable are superior, those who are average are inferior, and those who are mediocre are inferior", with a focus on competitive and meritorious appointment, gradually establish and improve talent appointment mechanisms, incentive mechanisms, supervision and evaluation mechanisms, smooth various channels for talent promotion, and actively create a good environment of "fully utilizing talents, fully utilizing talents, and fully utilizing their abilities". By implementing open selection of leadership personnel, job competition, talent exchange, and on-the-job training, we provide a stage for various talents to showcase their talents. Focusing on establishing and improving engineering and technical positions, high-level talent level sequences, and various talent promotion and reward systems, we actively explore effective talent management methods to enable outstanding talents to stand out.

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