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Business advantages
Business Advantages

Collaboration advantages:

1、 Domestic partners of Dow Water&Process Solutions:

Our company has a good cooperative relationship with DOW&PS and has extensive and close cooperation in the use of various new water treatment technologies and products. Especially in the application of coking wastewater technology, reclaimed water reuse technology, and resin technology, there is deep cooperation.

2、 TORAY's direct sales customers for RO membranes:

Our company enjoys the direct sales customer rights for TORAY's entire RO membrane product line, and is able to access the full range of RO membrane products, new technologies, and trends.

3、 Collaboration with ERI Corporation in the United States:

We have good cooperation with ERI company in seawater desalination projects and can obtain relevant support for high-pressure pumps, energy recovery systems, and seawater desalination.

4、 We have close cooperation with well-known domestic EPC general contractors such as Shandong Electric Power Construction Third Engineering Company, Shandong Machinery Import and Export Group Co., Ltd., Shandong Machinery Import and Export Equipment Co., Ltd., and China India Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. Our company provides water treatment equipment supporting services and water treatment technology services for them.

5、 In terms of promoting advanced treatment technology for coking wastewater, our company has close cooperative relationships with multiple chemical design institutes, steel enterprises, and coal coking enterprises.

6、 Interact with multiple power design institutes and provide water treatment technology services and support to them.

7、 We have business communication with multiple third-party supervision agencies such as BV and Lloyd's, providing support for the smooth execution of overseas projects.

8、 We have strategic partnerships with market makers and large funds of the company, which can provide financial support for large-scale projects of the company and also provide reasonable financing channels for key projects of clients.

Technical advantages:

1、 The members of the company are all composed of senior technical personnel from design institutes and the water treatment industry, proficient in comprehensive engineering and technical services such as water treatment technology consulting, engineering design, equipment installation, on-site debugging, and after-sales service.

2、 The company has an experienced ASME technical design, consulting, and service team with successful experience in operating ASME projects.

3、 The company has the capability of 3D drawing and design

Advantages of device integration:

1、 Rich technical and human resources, capable of designing water treatment processes for various working conditions, and processing supporting various water treatment equipment.

2、 A strong outsourcing processing and manufacturing unit that can process and support water treatment equipment such as tanks related to water treatment.

3、 Core equipment: filtration, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, electro desalination (EDI), membrane degassing, TOC control, bacterial control, clean pipelines, metal membranes, oil removal, gas separation membranes, automatic control.